This ain’t no intro; this the entree

Lately, very little has made me as happy as food, which, for most people who know me, might come as a surprise.

I’ve always loved to eat, but for most of my life, I was a terribly picky eater – as a baby, my mom used to hide meat inside tater tots to trick me into eating protein. Growing up, it was all chicken nuggets, all the time. I refused to eat pizza. Until I was about 10, I had to bring my own PB&Js to birthday parties.

It didn’t occur to me that vegetables could taste good until I took a high school trip to Israel, where I couldn’t afford anything but falafel and shawarma. Still, I stuck to what I knew. Every day I ate a plain ham and cheese for lunch. I had quite the sweet tooth, and I devoured bread and milk, but generally, I ate the same things every single day.

Then, the world caught up to me a bit; freshman year of college, I gained twenty-five pounds. It was time to start thinking a bit more about how I ate.

Since then, slowly but surely, I’ve expanded my culinary horizons and become a passionate foodie. A few experiences in particular helped propel me into this happier existence: great friends with adventurous palettes, a semester abroad in Copenhagen and Europe, working at a food magazine with some brilliant eaters, learning to cook for myself. Mainly, though, my food addiction multiplies; every time I eat something great, it raises the bar for everything I’ll eat in the future.

I don’t want to just eat; I want to thrive. I want every bite of every meal to be euphoric. And I want to share that euphoria with anyone I can.

So: I’m creating this blog, to trace and document my search for edible euphoria. I’ll be writing about my best meals out in Boston, jotting down a few stray ramblings about food, and occasionally posting my best recipes.

If you’re interested in joining me, follow along on the bottom of this page, or on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Or just check back whenever you feel like it.

If you live in Boston, hit me up – let’s break bread.

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