Bistro Du Midi

I was heading with my parents to a late night comedy show in Boston’s theater district, so they suggested we hit Bistro du Midi before for a fancy ass dinner.

They’d been once before and ate at the table next to Dustin Pedroia, so they were pumped to come back. Bistro du midi specializes in French Provençal cuisine. I don’t have a clue what that means but it fires me up.

The place is beautiful; you enter through a simple, chic bar room with metal and glass tables, then step up a lavish staircase into a giant, elegant dining room. There are normal dining tables in addition to cushy booths with comfy pillows, and a Sommelier wandering around to let everyone know they’re really balling out.

First bite: Yellowfin tuna tartare, with potato crisps, egg yolk, black olive tapenade, arugula


Whoa: they hooked me up with a generous portion of the subtle, delicate tuna – about as much meat as you’d get with a main course at a restaurant like this. The accompaniments were lights out – in addition to the listed ingredients, there were also green beans and little bits of super-crispy bacon. I don’t generally mess with olives but the savory tapenade really brought out the tuna and brought out the crunch from the bacon / green beans / potato crisp.

Best bite: Spinach and endive salad


One of the more original salads I’ve ever had, a colorful collection of autumn veggies so diverse that every forkful tasted unique, yet still delicious and balanced. Spinach, endives, beets, heirloom tomato, I don’t know even know what else, just order it.


Bread – there’s very little I enjoy more than great bread; Bistro du Midi crushes the basics – they brought an ornate box full of super thin, crispy, herb and cheese breadsticks that at first I thought were twigs. The bread itself was top notch – a doughy, light country white bread you could tell came out of the oven just a few hours earlier.


I’m a big mushroom guy, but these were unquestionably dope. Perfectly cooked, to bring out the savory, umami flavor. Spiced expertly and served in a big skillet topped with cheesy bread crumbs. Sign me up.

Duck breast with celery root, candy cane beat, dates, juniper jus

Our waiter insisted this was the best dish on the menu, but I thought it was just okay. The stuff on the side was excellent, especially the outstanding heirloom carrot purée. But the duck itself really wasn’t as flavorful as I’d hope. The jus was great, but there wasn’t enough of it.

Cauliflower gratin with crispy leeks


This was delicious – the leeks, cheese and bread crumbs were sharp and savory, and the tender cauliflower split easily under a spoon.

Roasted root vegetables


A yummy mix of carrots, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and a bunch of other plants I didn’t recognize, each of which brought their own flavor to the party. The dopest.

Drinks – Slight points off for a mediocre vodka soda, which is pretty much the easiest drink to make.

Tl;dr: This fancy-pants restaurant is decadent and inventive, especially with veggies.












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