Bagelsaurus is the type of place people head to for instagrammy breakfasts. I’d passed the store’s long wait while running  and my sister mentioned she’d been dying to try it, so one hungover Sunday morning, we braved the line. Once we made it to the door, we realized store was named best bagels in Boston in 2015 and 2016. When I went back on a Monday morning, the line wasn’t any shorter.

The small store is cheesily modernist and decisively impractical – it is very fun. Everything’s designed to make you hungrier, with a tight-packed line winding past all the tables, so you have to stare at happy, unhinged jaws and listen to everyone wonder what to order. They use trendy silver plates and water tumblers, which they also sell behind the counter for a ridiculous $7. The owners are geniuses.

First bite: The Ham Grenade (Ham, bacon avocado, dijonnaise, tomato, lettuce, onion) on a seeded wheat bagel


A good bagel – wheatey, firm, but not too chewy – absolutely loaded with perfectly ripe avocado. A nice, subtle crunch from the lettuce, onion, and a thin strip of not-too-fatty bacon. A great complement between the ham and dijonnaise, which added a really nice tang to the richness of the avocado and the seedy chewiness of the bagel. Delicious.

Best bite: Cinnamon raisin bagel with rosemary honey cream cheese.


I love a nice dessert bagel, and this one was unbelievable. This bagel was the best I tried: fluffy but easy to tear through, with plenty of giant raisins and light notes of cinnamon. The cream cheese was the star – subtle and smooth. You can barely notice the honey and rosemary, which add a sweet, piney flavor that was great with the bagel.

Also tried:

Wild mushroom bialy


Straight up fire: the outer ring was soft and doughy and the right type of greasy. The filling was the key – really tender, not-overpowering mushrooms swathed in gooey parmesan and sprinkled with herbs and bread crumbs.

Charcuter-brie on a pretzel bagel (French brie, fennel salami, salted butter, arugula) – photo at the top of the page


The staff recommended this combo, which was good, but I didn’t truly love it. The pretzel bagel had a great pull-apart consistency but didn’t provide the crunch this sandwich needed. It also added too much salt to what was already a super-savory sandwich. Still, it wasn’t bad.

TLDR: This place is great – they nail bagel classics and smartly combine super-flavorful, locally sourced ingredients in wacky, adventurous sandwiches. It’s cheap, too.





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