The 7 best things I ate in New York Last Week

While I plan to keep this blog centered around the food scene in Boston and New England, it’d be a shame not to write about amazing eats elsewhere. Last weekend, I took a few days to visit some friends in New York and made a point to do some good, good eating along the way.

This is less of a review, more of a ramble, but the goal is the same: a higher plane of culinary existence.

I did more eating than a human being should – the complete list is a lot longer, including the requisite, reckless array of pizza and bagels, but without further ado, here are the best things I ate in New York.

Sunny side egg, bacon and Gruyere Waffle Sandwich – Buvette


The single best thing I’ve eaten this fall. Buvette might be the most boujee place in the world, a little west village café with old French jazz and waitresses in Parisian bandannas. It’s lovely, and the food is, too.

I have a special place in my heart for waffles, and this one was perfect – crispy enough to not sog up but delicate enough to pull apart. It came freshly drenched in butter and syrup – they don’t even trust you to pour it yourself. Fantastic bacon. They nailed the egg too – check out my instagram to watch that shit break.

Crab cake – Blackstone’s Steakhouse


Shoutout to my friend’s family for taking me to their favorite restaurant in Connecticut, where I had an unbelievable crab cake. It was massive (like a hockey puck), flavorful and far, far meatier than your usual crab cake. It could’ve been a meal by itself.

Rotisserie Duck SSÄM + Kimchi Fried Rice – Momofuku SSÄM Bar


Not too long ago, I asked Korean friend where to get good Korean food in Boston. He shook his head sadly and told me to go to New York, so I made it a priority to hit one of celebrity chef David Chang’s Momofuku restaurants, ending up at SSÄM Bar, which focuses on small plates like traditional Korean lettuce and rice wraps.

There’s a reason the dude has a global restaurant empire; everything – the kimchi fried rice, the extremely tasty duck, the beer collaborations with local breweries, even the lettuce, somehow, was phenomenal.

Burger and fries, Allswell Pub


At a neighborhood pub in Brooklyn, we had a truly juicy burger patty on a doughy but crunchy sesame bun, piled with onion rings, bacon, bbq sauce and smoked gouda. Bonus points for top-notch fries – some long and skinny, some short and fat, all of them well-crisped and generously salted. Side note: I kinda love it when fries come in a variety of shapes and sizes, like they used the whole potato and didn’t care much about the optics.

Falafel salad – Taim


I found myself alone for dinner one night and upset about how much money I’d been spending, so I googled “cheap food near me” and stumbled into one of the best falafels I’ve ever had.

Everything bagel breakfast sandwich – Thompkins Square Bagels


New York bagels are in this weird zone for me – overhyped, but still clearly better than what you’ll find elsewhere. Especially if you brave the line and hit one of the better places in the city, where you can practically see them baking your bagels. Definitely the case with Thompkins Square Bagels, where some friendly souls recommended a sandwich called “The Stutto”.

A pillow-soft, buttery bagel with a ton of give, slaughtered in everything bagel seasoning. A surprisingly meaty, not-too-drenched in mayo chipotle chicken salad with a nice kick. Creamy avocado, a firm sliced tomato, and to die for bacon – lean and crispy. Absolute fire.

Chocolate Chip Cookie – Black Star Coffee


Visiting a friend in Brooklyn, I ducked out for a quick cup of coffee, and the two people before me in line ordered chocolate chip cookies, so I snagged one too. It looked so unspectacular I didn’t even think to take a photo, but then I took a bite and the whole universe felt right. A gooey, gentle, buttery cookie with a pound of chocolate that tasted molten, even cold. It’s ugly, but I just couldn’t leave it off this list.

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