Greek Corner

The first time my friends and I saw our new apartment, our scumbag landlord really sold the location. It really isn’t that great, but we’re just down the street from Greek Corner, his favorite little hole in the wall, which he swore made “wicked gyros and shit”.

That cartoonish praise stuck in my head all summer; when we finally moved in, i made sure it was the first place I went out to eat. Since then, I’ve come to love this no-nonsense spot – a go-to for cheap, hearty, Mediterranean comfort meals.

First bite: A gyro, obviously.


I’ve come to know Greek Corner’s gyros quite well; they have chicken, lamb, beef and hummus/veggie options. Everything comes with tasty shaved meats, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a killer cucumber yogurt sauce that packs a ton of flavor but stays surprisingly light in your stomach. They’re all served in really great, doughy pita bread, always served nice and warm.

The classic lamb gyro is unquestionably yummy, but this one, the Souvlaki sandwich, is my favorite – it comes loaded with charcoal-roasted chunks of lamb and pork that you can see them pry off the skewer. Unreal.

Best bite:

Falafel – maybe the best I’ve had in Boston.


Like everything else at Greek Corner, the falafel doesn’t screw around. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, it’ll fill you up good. Each ball is atypically large and meaty, crispy on the outside but still soft enough to spoon apart. The appetizer plate, which comes with tabbouleh, tzatziki, pita and hummus, could really be its own meal.


Also, the Moussaka!


The entree plates here come stacked mountain high with your choice of rice, fries, or salad.

My favorite is the moussaka – basically a flaky lasagna layered with savory ground beef, eggplant, potatoes and bechamel sauce. It’s unbelievable. Served in a warm, fat slice. I don’t usually mess with eggplant but this shit is good. Instead  pasta, the dough is buttery and flaky, almost like a pie crust.


Greek Corner absolutely bangs; they’ll nail the exotic food when you want them to, but they also cover basics like Cheeseburgers and Tuna melts. Everything comes with enough food for a king, and it’s cheap, but they offer fancier dishes too if you’re looking to ball a little bit. Truly the perfect neighborhood dive.

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