What up!

I’m Sam, a caviar taste buds, peanut butter budget dude that just moved back to Boston.


I can’t think of a better way to explore and rediscover my hometown than through my tastebuds. So I started this site to collect reviews of my meals out, humble stabs at culinary innovation, and stray thoughts on food culture.

Check out my introduction, hit me up to eat, and poke around a bit – I hope you like it here.


I’m 22 and young and not gloomy; I’m a Jewish Cuban-American obsessed with sports, novels, and sneakers; I also write fiction and nonfiction and screw around with sports blogging; I’m always hungry; I’m just trying to figure myself out.

My diet:

I eat super-duper-clean 90% of the time and like a junkyard dog, otherwise.


Anyone who ever fed me or encouraged me to eat something new.

Admiral Ackbar, for showing me how to be myself.

Dana Citrin, for the logo.